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Training events, online courses and other useful links



1) NGS – Assembly, RNA-Seq Chip-Seq https://www.ebi.ac.uk/training/online/course/ebi-next-generation-sequencing-practical-course

2) Structural - Explore the structural information in a PDB entry using the Protein Data Bank - https://www.ebi.ac.uk/training/online/course/pdbe-exploring-protein-data-bank-pdb-entry



1)  Amino Acid Explorer- This tool allows users to explore the characteristics of amino acids by comparing their structural and chemical properties, predicting protein sequence changes caused by mutations, viewing common substitutions, and browsing the functions of given residues in conserved domains

2)  BLAST Tutorials and Guides- This page links to a number of BLAST-related tutorials and guides, including a selection guide for BLAST algorithms, descriptions of BLAST output formats, explanations of the parameters for stand-alone BLAST, directions for setting up stand-alone BLAST on local machines and using the BLAST URL API.

3) E-Bench- This interactive tool allows users to build E-utility URLs, either from a form or by hand, and then view their raw output. The tool provides a simple environment for testing E-utility URLs before including them in applications.

4) PubMed Tutorials- A collection of web and flash tutorials on PubMed searching and linking, saving searches in MyNCBI, using MeSH and other PubMed services.


 https://bioinformatics.ca/Bioinformatics Canada

http://www.sib.swiss/Swiss Institute Bio