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Seminar on Omics Data Analysis at the CING

Posted 11 June 2019 by In Education/Training

The following lectures were given:

1) " Next-Generation DNA-sequencing; From raw data to disease variants" - Maria Zanti, PhD candidate in Molecular Medicine, Electron Microscopy/Molecular Pathology Department and Bioinformatics Group

2) "RNA-Seq Data Analysis" - Andrea kakouri, PhD candidate in Medical Genetics, Neurogenetics Department and Bioinformatics Group

3) "Proteomics Data Aanalysis" - Kyriaki Savva, PhD candidate in Neuroscience, Bioinformatics Group

4) "Metabolomics: the other omics type" - Christiana Christodoulou, PhD candidate in Neuroscience - Neurology Clinic D and Bioinformatics Group