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Kyriaki Savva

Kyriaki Savva
Position: PhD student

Kyriaki completed her BSc in Genetics at the University of Glasgow in 2016. Her undergraduate lab-based project was on how yeast cells trap the antibiotic rapamycin, and the role of FPR1 and EGO1 complexes in this process, while her library-based dissertation title was exploring the potential of small-molecule epigenetic inhibitors in treating cancer. She then completed her MSc in Medical Genetics and Genomics at the university of Glasgow in 2017, and her lab-based project had the title "Development of a universal barcoding protocol for genotyping-by-sequencing of disease associated simple sequence repeats (Huntington's disease and myotonic dystrophy)".

She is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. George Spyrou (Bioinformatics group) and her PhD title is  "Network-based analysis of multiple source information towards efficient drug repositioning". Drug repositioning is the discovery and use of existing drugs to diseases other than the ones that were initially applied. This is a cost-effective trend that can lead fast from the drug discovery to the patient. Computational drug repositioning requires molecular data such as expression profiles related to a disease phenotype. However, the input given to these algorithms is of major significance. This PhD is going to show that network-based analysis of multiple-source information is more efficient towards drug repositioning. Network-based and systems-based approaches will be applied on publicly available omic-data from various sources to conclude to a short list of candidate drugs that could pass to further experimental validation through proper assays and animal models. Furthermore, structural bioinformatics and cheminformatics will be used to conclude to natural compounds similar to the repurposed.