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Christiana Christodoulou

Christiana Christodoulou
Position: PhD student

Christiana obtained her BSc in Human Biology from the University of Nicosia in 2015 and her undergraduate research project was titled ‘Pomegranate and its many functional components as related to human health’. Following, she obtained her MSc in Molecular Medicine from the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine in 2016. Her postgraduate thesis was titled ‘Normal values of median nerve cross section with ultrasonography in the Cypriot population’.

She is currently a PhD student supervised by Dr. Eleni Zamba Papanicolaou & Dr. Christiana Demetriou of Neurology Clinic D along with Dr. Kleitos Sokratous of the Bioinformatics group. Her PhD research project is titled ‘Neurodegenerative markers in HD: Association with clinical characteristics, triplet expansion, phenoconversion and Mediterranean diet adherence’. This study entails comparing oxidative stress, inflammation and other neurodegeneration markers between patients and age-matched controls, as well between patients in different HD stages (pre, early and late symptomatic), adjusting for clinical characteristics such as triplet expansion and disease severity. A correlation of reported Mediterranean diet (MD) adherence with accepted plasma biomarkers of adherence in patients and healthy controls will also be examined. Then, any influence of MD on neurodegeneration markers and whether there is any interaction between, MD adherence and clinical characteristics on their association with each neurodegeneration marker will be investigated. Metabolites will be measured in plasma or serum using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and bioinformatics tools will be used for statistical analyses of all resutls.